Refuge or Romance?

Yoga means different things to different people at different times. I recently experienced what I would call “romance” in conjunction with the combination of breath and movement I know as yoga.

Romance is defined as a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love, and a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.

I captured my thoughts on a Lagos rooftop after “romancing” myself one evening, and while I tend to overuse the word “delicious” at the end, I hope that can be excused and my point not lost on those who could use the help connecting to pleasure…

Yoga may be a refuge, but what if you get to the point where you don’t want to be in a position where you need a refuge…where you come to terms with your power of being influence in any situation rather than victim, so you don’t need a refuge

I was thinking instead yoga is a way of romancing yourself.

For me, I sat out here on this beautiful rooftop just doing stretching, doing yoga and breathwork to music, alone, because that’s what I do 

I’d been with my husband the past two mornings (if you know what I mean) and…we just have different evening habits sometimes 

He was like… plan. Just wanted to plan and hang out and go to bed early and I just couldn’t get enough of this deck, so I’m like stretching and doing my yoga moves and listening to music and it really is like, a “love yourself” moment.

With yoga as a way of romancing yourself, loving yourself, it’s something you can do anywhere—depending on the poses. 

It’s not like food, it’s not eating, drinking, drugs or sex…it’s moving your body in ways that your body needs to be moved to feel satisfying…

And still the mind and just bring you present into the delicious moment that you would be in at any moment of your delicious precious life.

So that’s the latest on what yoga means to me…from a vacation/holiday perspective.

Which, this time, is a little different from my take last year of “getting through tough times.”

There were indeed challenges again, and if I were to give myself a report card, I would fail myself in not freaking out and losing my cool, maybe worse than previous times (sleep again, was a challenge, though mitigated a little with intentionality and non-sleep deep rest techniques).

But, I love that I was able to have this little slice of transcendence and capture it.

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